It affects everyone!

  • Posted on: 21 December 2015

This growing risk of a violent uprising in the West Bank is not only costly to Israelis and Palestinians but also harmful to different other countries interests, this is clearly seen in the U.S. efforts to control the situation.

Taking into consideration the wider frame of the constantly escalating violence in the region, a third intifada will most probably have a large impact on different elements in both the Palestinian and Israeli political arenas, especially with the leadership crisis that is constantly debated on the Palestinian side.

Four things you need to know about evacuation

  • Posted on: 5 November 2015

Evacuation planning is triggered by a different set of circumstances which require different responses. Along with the confusion and the changing circumstances, one must be flexible enough to adjust- a plan provides direction on how to deal with varying levels of emergency and crisis.

Here are some of the main elements of any evacuation plan RedCrow thinks you should know:

1- A Crisis Management Team (CMT) must implement and manage the evacuation process: