Redcrow (RC) is a company that provides risk mitigation solutions to organisations and individuals operating in the MENA region.  Through our online platform and other customised services, clients are able to receive updated intelligence feed, which assists in avoiding threats on both tactical and strategic levels.

RCI was founded in August 2014 by Hussein Nasser Eddine, Laila Akel and Tayeb Akel, who detected a gap in the security intelligence market in the MENA region, and sought to solve it by aggregating available raw data from the open source and analyse it.

Our intelligence products provide highly accurate updates specifically customised to meet our client’s needs. Our services enable the daily business operations to run safely and enable the client to make long term plans, based on our reliable intelligence and practical recommendations. We utilise every aspect of modern media sources and social platforms to constantly adapt to the ever changing technological environment.

RedCrow Intelligence has a highly skilled and specifically trained intelligence analysts and developers that come from a diverse range of educational and professional backgrounds.