A Recap of this Week's Clashes in Gaza

  • Posted on: 9 May 2019
gaza rockets protests attack

The clashes began on the 3rd of May, 2019 after two Israeli soldiers were injured and four Palestinians were killed during the weekly protests at the Gaza-Israel border. The clashes entailed hundreds of rockets being launched from Gaza and numerous more targeted by Israeli Forces within the Gaza Strip. Israel also increased its military presence near the border in response. Eventually a ceasefire agreement went into effect on May 6th, 2019. The exchanges of fire are outlined in greater detail below:

Friday, 3rd of May

Two Israeli soldiers were injured during the weekly protests at the Gaza-Israel border.  Two protesters were shot dead by Israeli gunfire near the fence, and the Israeli Air Force targeted a Hamas post with an airstrike. 4 people were killed including 2 Hamas members and 60 protestors were injured, 36 of which were harmed by Israeli gunfire, according to the Health Ministry of the Gaza Strip.

Saturday, 4th of May

ISF claim that more than 250 rockets were launched from Gaza, injuring 1 person. The Israeli Air Force targeted more than 120 sites in the Gaza Strip. 4 Palestinians were killed (2 men and a woman with a toddler), according to the Health Ministry of the Gaza Strip. However, the ISF denied these claims stating that the woman and infant were killed by Palestinian rocket fire. 13 other Palestinians were injured during the day.

Sunday, 5th of May

At least 200 more projectiles were launched from Gaza killing four people and injuring 5 others.

In response, the ISF targeted over 210 sites in the Gaza Strip and struck them during the day. A Hamas commander, who (according to the Israeli army statement) was the person responsible for transferring funds from Iran to Gaza, was assassinated by an airstrike. Palestinian officials threatened to use long-range rockets to attack in retaliation if Israel continued its aggression. Later that day, Israel deployed the 7th Armored Brigade and the Golani Brigade. An Israeli air strike killed 3 more people in Beit Lahiya in Northern Gaza. Of those killed, was a pregnant woman according to the Healthy Ministry of the Gaza Strip.

Monday, 6th of May

A ceasefire agreement mediated by Egypt was reached in the early morning of May 6th, approximately at 4:30 AM. Restrictions were lifted and schools opened normally.

Casualties and Losses

Friday 3rd of May:

  • 2 Hamas members killed
  • 2 protesters killed
  • 60 Injured

Saturday 4th of May- Monday 6th of May:

  • 23 killed
  • 154 wounded

During Friday Protests:

  • 2 soldiers wounded

From Rocket Strikes:

  • 4 Israelis killed

128+ Injured:

  • 3 seriously injured
  • 3 moderately injured
  • 60 lightly injured
  • 62 stress symptoms/treated for shock