It affects everyone!

  • Posted on: 21 December 2015

This growing risk of a violent uprising in the West Bank is not only costly to Israelis and Palestinians but also harmful to different other countries interests, this is clearly seen in the U.S. efforts to control the situation.

Taking into consideration the wider frame of the constantly escalating violence in the region, a third intifada will most probably have a large impact on different elements in both the Palestinian and Israeli political arenas, especially with the leadership crisis that is constantly debated on the Palestinian side.

Tracking the increasing European campaigns and stands in support of Palestinian humanitarian causes, such as the recent policy of identifying Israeli settlements goods in Europe, it’s believed that a West Bank crisis could affect European reactions on different levels, possibly creating a political debate between the United States and some of its European allies.

Other representative offices and embassies have raised their concerns; the UK government officially announced to its citizens to be extra vigilant, describing the security situation in the Israeli and Palestinian controlled areas as “ fast moving, tense and unpredictable”. On the 16th of October 2015 spokespersons in Security Council Urged Palestinians and Israelis to De-escalate the Situation and Respect Status Quo around Holy Sites. The international community's main concerns consist in the fact that violence could escalate rapidly, further eliminating the chances for a two-state solution, a resolution that both the US and the European union have been putting efforts into achieving.